Who We Are

Westside Community Schools has the goal of being a school district where EVERYONE belongs.

The Oakdale Community Club fully embraces the WE-SIDE initiative, which stands for

Welcoming, Equity, Support, Inclusion, Dignity for Everyone.


This includes you!


All parents and guardians of Oakdale students are members of our Community Club.



There are many ways to become involved,

and any amount of your time and talent is valued! 



Provide leadership to Community Club. May serve as Lead for Committee Chairs. This is a school year commitment nominated by the President. Our Community Club votes on the slate in its entirety. Active and enthusiastic engagement is a must!


committee chairs

Plan and deliver on an event, program, or sponsorships. Responsible for communication planning and in-person / social media interactions. May direct Room Parents or volunteers. This is a commitment for the school year appointed by the President. A great way to step up your involvement game!


Coordinate and run two classroom parties (Halloween and Valentine's Day). Collect donations from other families. Organize birthday, holiday, and end of year gifts for the teacher. Review the yearbook pages for your class. Update the other families about upcoming events through email and social media. This is a commitment for the school year for two room parents per teacher. It's a fun way to be hands-on with the classroom experience!


Volunteer opportunities are available throughout the year. Sign-up for the event and program opportunities that work best for you instead of a school year commitment. This is an excellent way to get started! 




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Sign up for the volunteer opportunities that work best for you. This is an easy way to be involved in Community Club!

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