Who We Are

Westside Community Schools aims to create an inclusive environment for everyone.


The Oakdale Community Club strongly supports the WE-SIDE initiative, which promotes:

Welcoming, Equity, Support, Inclusion, and Dignity for Everyone


This includes you! Every parent and guardian of Oakdale students is part of our Community Club.



There are lots of ways to get involved,

and we appreciate any time and talent you can give!



Lead the Community Club for the school year, nominated by the President. The whole club votes on the leadership team together. It's important to be actively involved and enthusiastic!


committee chairs

Organize and carry out events, programs, or sponsorships. Handle communication plans and engage with others in person or on social media. You might also oversee Room Parents or volunteers. This commitment is for the school year and is appointed by the President. It's a fantastic opportunity to increase your involvement!


Organize two classroom parties (Halloween and Valentine's Day), gather donations from families, and manage gifts for the teacher. Review your class's yearbook pages and keep other families informed about upcoming events via email and social media. This role is for the school year and requires two room parents per teacher. It's an enjoyable way to actively engage with the classroom experience!


There are volunteer opportunities all year round. Choose the events and programs that suit you best instead of committing for the whole school year. It's a great way to begin!




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Sign up for volunteer opportunities that suit you best. It's a simple way to be involved in Community Club!

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