The Oakdale Community Club deeply values and appreciates the Oakdale staff, and we prioritize supporting them because of the excellent care they provide to our students.



These programs are made possible by our dedicated volunteers and sponsors.



The Hospitality program, funded by the Community Club, organizes and provides a variety of refreshments for Oakdale staff to show our appreciation. Staff members enjoy the food bars and snack carts we offer! This program is managed by the Committee Chair(s), and volunteers are invited to donate items.


Room parents organize two class parties, teacher appreciation events, and help with member engagement activities. This commitment lasts throughout the school year and requires two volunteers per class. Those interested can sign up at the beginning of each school year. It's a fun way to actively participate in the classroom experience!

staff appreciation gifts

We express our gratitude by giving gift bags to all Oakdale staff twice a year—before Winter Break and during Staff Appreciation Week in the spring. An Amazon wish list simplifies the process of contributing, allowing items to be shipped directly to the school.





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