What We Do

The Oakdale Community Club supports events and programs that enhance the school experience for all students, families, and staff of Oakdale Elementary School.



These events and programs are made possible by our dedicated volunteers and sponsors.



There are numerous events throughout the school year targeted at the following groups.

  • Student
  • Family
  • Parent / Guardian


Our programs are aimed at maximizing student achievement and supporting Oakdale staff, with fundraising at the heart to help make it all possible. You'll find items for sale in the market.

  • Academics
  • Appreciation
  • Fundraising
  • Market


All parents / guardians are invited to attend Community Club meetings. They occur in the evening at Oakdale or at a neighborhood establishment. In the meetings, the Executive Team, Committee Chairs, Principal (Glen Jagels), and guest speakers provide updates for recent and upcoming happenings. It's also a time for questions and fellowship.


Oakdale Community Club By-Laws



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