Valentine's Day Parties



The class Valentine's Day Parties are on February 14th from 2:30 to 3:15 PM.


Similar to Halloween, to make sure we have enough room for the fun activities planned in classrooms we ask that only room parents come to the parties. During our most recent Community Club Meeting, discussion was held about increasing the number of room parents, so we are excited that we are adding more slots for parents. 


Students are welcome to bring a Valentines box or bag to collect their valentines. Students who choose to bring valentines to pass out are asked to bring one for every student in the class. Valentines need not be store-bought. Having your child make valentines notes is a fun and meaningful way to show kindness to their friends. If your child would not be able to bring valentines, but would like to participate, please contact Mrs. McPadden, our School Psychologist. 


Please remember to follow the District Approved Snack List. As was communicated from the district, "For class parties such as Halloween or Valentines Day, children may bring any candy of their choice as long as it will be sent home with other children and not eaten in the classroom. Homemade prepared or homemade foods are not permitted to be distributed or shared." 


Red hot tip! As we are unable to send out class lists, we suggest students leave the to: line blank and sign the from: line to ensure nobody is forgotten.

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